You just can’t make this stuff up.



Frankie (yes, Frankie) insists that the turtle is a land turtle because one time he tried to put him in a pool and he couldn’t swim.  But when he brings the turtle a bowl of water to drink, the poor little guy sticks his whole head and neck into it.  I’m sure he just needs a shallow pool to cool off in.  You’d be surprised by how hard it is to find a baby pool around here.  I’m trying to Huaycan-rig something for the little guy.   Maybe dig a hole and put a tarp in it?



3 thoughts on “The Zone S Turtle!

  1. yes,,,a tarp or something to catch the water, A turtle needs water..very strange this turtle would be there…surviving in a very hot place with no water. It’s big so probably pretty old. Keep us posted, this is very interesting! xo AR

  2. there are desert tortoises, they get most of their mosture from the grass and other vegetation they eat. but they do drink copious amounts of water when it’s available.

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